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LED street light
  • Led Street Light

    Led Street Light

    led street lamp manufacturers Differentiating between LED street lamps and conventional street lamps is that LED light sources are powered by low-voltage DC, high-efficiency white

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  • Led road light

    Led road light

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  • Led lighting

    Led lighting

    LED (Light Emitting Diode), a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light, converts electricity directly into light. The heart of the LED is

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  • Led lighting street light

    Led lighting street light

    LED street light is different from conventional street light. The LED light source is powered by low-voltage DC, high-efficiency white light synthesized by GaN-based power blue LED

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  • LED horse headlight

    LED horse headlight

    In the technical innovation and product research and development, Yangzhou high pole lamp manufacturer Langxu Lighting constantly absorbs the manufacturing technology and processin

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  • Led light

    Led light

    A typical high-flux LED device can generate lumens of several lumens to tens of lumens. The newer design can integrate more LEDs in a single device or install multiple devices in a

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  • One-arm street light

    One-arm street light

    Technical Features: 1. Single-arm lamp, which includes lamp post (1), lamp cap (2), connecting device (3), bracket (4), Chinese knot device (5) The connecting device (3) is welded

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  • arms lamp

    arms lamp

    The dual-arm lamp is a derivative lamp of the single-arm lamp. It has two arms. The rod body is made of Q235 low-carbon high-quality steel for one-time bending and welding. The wel

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  • Horse headlight

    Horse headlight

    Use Current The best high-power LED light source chip with the highest maximum lumen in foreign countries, advanced eutectic soldering and solid crystal coating process and unique

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  • LED Arms Light

    LED Arms Light

    Two-arm street light design-light pole technical description: 1, the pole height is 5-15 meters, the main pole is formed by a large bending machine at a time, the wall thickness is

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  • LED single arm light

    LED single arm light

    The single-arm lamp is the most common type of road lamp. There is only one arm. The weld is smooth and flat. After molding, it is treated with anti-corrosion hot-dip galvanizing a

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  • 鲲鹏一1LED Fixture

    鲲鹏一1LED Fixture

    Zhenpeng No.1 LED Street Light Fixture (Patent Lamp) Introduction: 1. The lamp adopts special die-cast aluminum material for LED street lamp. The internal space of the lamp is larg

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