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arms lamp
arms lamp
arms lamp

arm lamp as a derivative of a single-arm lamp with two arms and Q235 low carbon The high-quality steel is bent and welded at one time, the weld seam is smooth and flat, and it is treated by anti-corrosion hot-dip galvanizing and spray coating.

       arm arms Both arms have a certain degree of symmetry, more versatile than single-arm lights, but not suitable for installation in a single road or narrow road It is generally installed on the green belt of multi-lane roads, taking into account the roads on both sides. This type of lamp is also used in sections with special lighting requirements.

       The two-arm lamp is divided into ordinary sodium lamp double-arm street light, energy-saving lamp double-arm street lamp, xenon double-arm street lamp and LED double-arm street lamp due to different light sources, solar energy installation Also called solar arms lights.

These two lamps, although not very different on the surface, have different functions. When purchasing, street lamp manufacturers suggest that different types of street lamps must be selected according to road needs, in order to achieve the desired lighting. effect.


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