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High pole light
  • 40m high pole light

    40m high pole light

    40m double lifting high pole light for yard lighting, the average horizontal illumination of the yard area is not less than 151x, and the uniformity is not less than 0.25. Each hig

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  • 25m high pole light

    25m high pole light

    The pole parameter of the high pole lamp, the height of the pole is 25 meters, the main pole is formed by a large bending machine at one time, the upper diameter is 290mm, the lowe

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  • Lifting high pole light

    Lifting high pole light

    High pole lamp manufacturer It is stated that in the rectangular inner cavity at the bottom of the lift type high pole lamp, in addition to the installation of the electric control

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  • fixed high pole light

    fixed high pole light

    Because of the wide range of illumination of high pole lights, it is suitable for places that require large area lighting, such as airports, parking lots, park squares, city square

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  • 30m lift high pole light

    30m lift high pole light

    The height of the pre-embedded bolts of the square high pole lamp is 3m. The depth of the m30 screw foundation pit is 1500mm larger than the flange and 500mm deeper than the screw.

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  • square high pole light

    square high pole light

    High pole lights are generally divided into lift and non-lifting. The height of the lifting main pole is generally more than 18 meters. The electric lifting operation is convenient

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  • Cell high pole light

    Cell high pole light

    The buried pits of many high-altitude lamps have a volume of 5 cubic meters, which means that there will be more than 5 squares of concrete to build the embedded parts, not to ment

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  • Explosion-proof high pole light

    Explosion-proof high pole light

    The structural characteristics and technical requirements of the explosion-proof high pole lamp, Langxu Lighting comprehensively expounds the structural characteristics and install

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  • Dock high pole light

    Dock high pole light

    Check the hot-dip galvanizing corrosion resistance of all ferrous components (including the inner wall of the pole) of the high-beam lighting facilities, and whether the anti-loose

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  • High pole street light

    High pole street light

    In fact, the spacing of high-altitude street lights is not specified. It is generally based on the wattage of the high pole lights to be installed and the associated height setting

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  • Led high pole light

    Led high pole light

    LED high pole lights are a type of lighting used in roads, roads, etc. Beautiful in appearance and highly decorative. Large lighting area, good lighting effect, concentrated light

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  • Airport high pole light

    Airport high pole light

    High pole lights, high pole lights at the airport, high pole lights at the port, factory direct sales of Langxu Lighting Co., Ltd. High pole lights have high illumination, wide ill

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