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Led road light
Led road light
Led road light

Traditional LED street light manufacturers design mainly The design focuses on the lumens of the LEDs, while the heat dissipation is less of a concern. In fact, the lumens of LEDs are rapidly increasing. The single-watt lumens for mass-produced LEDs in 2009 have reached 100 lumens, and this number is growing rapidly. The corresponding heat transfer theory system has matured, and the heat transfer methods we can use are also basically clear: conduction, convection, radiation and phase change heat transfer. Therefore, the measures we can take on heat transfer or heat dissipation are visible and limited.

LED street lamp manufacturer cooling technology, generally used for heat conduction plate mode, is a 5mm thick copper plate, in fact, it is a temperature equalizing plate, the heat source is warmed off; there are also installed heat sink to dissipate heat, but the weight is too large. The weight is very important in the street lamp system, because the street lamp is 9 meters high. If it is too heavy, the danger will increase. Especially in the case of typhoons and earthquakes, accidents may occur. Domestic manufacturers adopt the world's first needle-shaped heat dissipation technology, needle-shaped radiator. The heat dissipation efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional chip radiator, which can make the LED junction temperature 15°C lower than the ordinary heat sink, and the waterproof performance is better than the ordinary aluminum profile radiator, and the weight and volume are also improved. . In addition, the graphite heat sink developed for high-power LED lamps also has good thermal and thermal performance.

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