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鲲鹏一1LED Fixture
鲲鹏一1LED Fixture
鲲鹏一1LED Fixture

Introduction to the LED street light fixture (patented light):

1 The lamp adopts special die-casting aluminum material for LED street lamp. The internal space of the lamp is large, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the quality of the lamp is not inferior to other patented lamps on the market. The price is only about 30% of the lamp of this kind, which can be described as a star product with high cost performance;

2. The lamp adopts American Puri 3030 or Philips 3030 chip, and cooperates with the domestic first-line brand Mingwei/Maoshu/Yingfei special power supply. After the lamp is delivered, the manufacturer can provide five years or Longer warranty, and the annual non-performing rate is less than three thousandths;

3, usually, lamps The maximum power can reach 200 watts. The illuminance value of the luminaire can be much higher than that of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp of 250 watts, and the energy consumption of the lamp is only 40-50% of the high-pressure sodium lamp, the power factor is as high as 0.95, and the color rendering index can reach 70 or so. ;

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