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Street light pole
  • 9m single-arm light pole

    9m single-arm light pole

    Lighting rod English name: Lighting Pole, according to the material can be divided into iron pole, fiberglass pole, cement pole, aluminum pole. Iron lamp rod has high strength and

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  • 12m road light pole

    12m road light pole

    Technical requirements for street light poles: 1. Light poles are formed by one-time rolling of Q235 high-quality steel. The thickness of the light pole material is 4.0mm, the diam

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  • Street light pole

    Street light pole

    Parameter Requirements: Height Upper Diameter Lower Diameter Arm Thickness Cone Taper Ratio Flange Size Pitch Distance Base Frame Size 6 m 60 126 2.75 11‰ 250*250*10 180 180*180*φ1

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