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Led light
Led light
Led light

A typical high-throughput LED device can generate lumens of several lumens to tens of lumens. The updated design can be Integrate more LEDs in a single device, or install multiple devices in a single assembly, so that the lumens of the output is equivalent to a small incandescent lamp. For example, a high-power 12-chip monochrome LED device can output 200 lm of light energy, which consumes between 10 and 15 W.

The application of LED light source is very Flexible, it can be made into light, short and short products of various forms such as points, lines and surfaces. The control of LEDs is extremely high. As long as the current is adjusted, it can be dimmed at will; the combination of different light colors is varied, and the timing control circuit can be used to enrich Colorful dynamic change effects. LEDs have been widely used in a variety of lighting equipment, such as battery-powered flashlights, miniature voice-activated lights, safety lights, outdoor road and indoor stair lights, and buildings and marked continuous lights.

The emergence of white LEDs is a substantial step in the LED's transition from the identification function to the illumination function. White LEDs are closest to daylight and better reflect the true color of the illuminated object, so from a technical point of view, white LED is undoubtedly the most advanced technology of LED. White LEDs have begun to enter some applications, and emergency lights, flashlights, flashlights and other products have come out one after another, but because of the high price, it is difficult to popularize. The premise of the popularity of white LEDs is that prices will fall, and the price decline must be made after the white LEDs form a certain market size. The integration of the two depends on technological progress.

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