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LED horse headlight
LED horse headlight
LED horse headlight

In technological innovation and product development, Yangzhou High Rod Light Manufacturers Langxu Lighting continuously absorbs the manufacturing technology and processing technology of the street lamp industry at home and abroad, sets up the development and research studio for new products of street lamps, and undertakes a number of urban and road lighting projects. The products of Langxu Lighting have successively obtained the certificate of quality certification, explosion-proof certificate, safety production license, environmental management system certification and high-tech certification.

       In business philosophy, Langxu lighting technology, equipment, advanced technology, strict quality management, advanced and unique design, perfect testing means, rigorous outdoor The lighting concept is to strive for more market share and customer recognition for the spirit of management!

        In terms of social responsibility, Langxu Lighting adheres to the green and modern design concept and strives to launch high efficiency. Energy-saving LED lights and solar street lights promote the city's new environmental protection construction and create beautiful scenery for the city.

       Langxu Lighting is an emerging Yangzhou streetlight manufacturer, which requires a constant market momentum and cherish every development opportunity given by customers. Let customers feel the vitality of a young enterprise and the vitality of the advancement, reasonable price and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service to win customer satisfaction! The following is the patented product of Langxu Lighting:



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