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Combination lamp
  • 12m ginkgo lamp

    12m ginkgo lamp

    Existing LED lights are generally fixed color temperature, fixed shape, fixed brightness and fixed illumination direction. They cannot change their light direction, light intensity

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  • 8m Chinese Light

    8m Chinese Light

    Chinese lantern culture connotation: The overall shape of the Chinese lantern reflects the Chinese classical traditional culture, the ancient Chinese civilization, the Chinese civi

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  • Magnolia lamp

    Magnolia lamp

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  • led combination street light

    led combination street light

    ■With light source: 100W-400W high pressure sodium lamp, 20W-200W LED, energy saving lamp ■Rated voltage and frequency: 220W (±10%) 50Hz

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  • Combined street light

    Combined street light

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  • LED combination light

    LED combination light

    Langxu Lighting's business scope covers: LED street lights, solar street lights, smart street lights, high pole lights, single arm lights, led combination lights, dual arm lights,

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  • Chinese lantern

    Chinese lantern

    ​The Chinese lamp has a simple and elegant appearance. Generally, there are multiple light sources. It is more common for 6~12, with high illumination. The landscape effect is good

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