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40m high pole light
40m high pole light
40m high pole light

40m double lifting high pole light for yard lighting, the average horizontal illumination of the yard area is not less than 151x, and the uniformity is not lower than 0.25. Each high pole lamp adopts 12 盏350W LED international famous brand lamps: 1. Light pole structure 2. 1 The pole body structure is made of multi-tapered steel pipe, which has high overall strength, convenient installation and high quality steel for materials. It is formed by a bending machine and integrated by an automatic submerged arc boring machine. The weld strength is high and smooth. The surface of the rod body is treated by hot dip galvanizing on the surface, with a thickness of 86 pm. It has the characteristics of strong anti-corrosion ability and beautiful appearance, and should provide the corresponding wind tunnel test report. Double lifting bottom diameter 1070mm. , top neck 350mm. Flange 1500mm*40mm, the height of the pole is 40 meters, the foundation is 200mm, the bottom of the pole is spliced to the flange, there should be a stiffening plate between the flange and the lamp post, and the snail should be left around the flange. Guikong, the connection between the lamp post and the foundation is bolted. 

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