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fixed high pole light
fixed high pole light
fixed high pole light

Because of the wide range of illumination of high pole lights, it is suitable for places that require large areas of illumination, such as airports and parking lots. Park square, city square, station, dock, freight yard, highway, stadium, overpass and other places. At present, the classification and name of the high pole lamps are different for different occasions. For example, the dock used, called the pier high pole lights, used in the square, called the square high pole lights, named after the port high pole lights, airport high pole lights, explosion-proof high pole lights, stainless steel high pole lights and so on. At present, the high-lamp light-adaptive light source commonly used on the market mostly uses 400W-1000W floodlights, and 360 degrees has no dead angle illumination range.

If the height of the high pole light is between 20m and 45m, the high pole light is used. This effectively reduces the difficulty for workers to install. There is also a common high pole light that does not require a lifting system. The fixed high pole light is relatively low cost.

The high pole lamp pole is basically divided into eight-edge, twelve-edge and eighteen-ribular tapered rods, which are cut, bent and automatically welded by high-strength high-quality steel sheets.

The surface is thermally invaded by zinc, corrosion resistant, and resistant to oxidation. The service life is 20-30 years.

Lightning protection system: The lightning protection pin is installed on the top of the lamp, and the grounding base is equipped with a 1 meter long grounding wire and welded with the underground bolts.

Technical parameters of 20m, 25m, 30m lifting high pole light:

20m: caliper on the pole is 260mm, lower diameter is 460mm; It is 2 sets, the wall thickness is 6mm/8mm respectively

25m: the upper diameter of the pole is 280mm, the lower diameter is 540mm; the pole is divided into 3 sets, the wall thickness is 6mm/8mm/8mm respectively

30m: the diameter of the pole is 280mm, the diameter of the lower is 640mm; the pole is divided into 3 sets, the wall thickness is 6mm/8mm/10mm respectively

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