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Explosion-proof high pole light
Explosion-proof high pole light
Explosion-proof high pole light

Structural characteristics and technical requirements of explosion-proof high pole lights, Langxu Lighting comprehensively expounds the structural characteristics of explosion-proof high pole lights And installation technical requirements.


The high-light lift system of Langxu Lighting Co., Ltd. is divided into automatic and manual, using worm gear mechanism. The automatic hook-off device can automatically and reliably hook off. The structure of the lifting system designed by our company is advanced and reasonable, which can effectively prevent various accidents during the lifting process of the lamp panel. After the lamp panel is in place, it is loaded by the automatic unloading bracket and the lamp panel is lifted to avoid long-term stress on the wire rope.

The hoisting mechanism is equipped with a remote operating system. The operator can carry out lifting work within 5 meters to ensure safe operation. The drum hoisting wire rope is composed of standard galvanized steel wire rope. (10 wire ropes are connected by a pulley block and a lamp plate arranged in the pulley box at the top of the lamp pole, and the other end is connected with a rope separator, and the wire rope connected with the drum is mainly a lifting wire rope. (12 ends are connected to the reel, 1 is connected to the reel). d is connected to the rope separator). One type of wire rope is prone to generate its own internal stress due to the tension during the lifting process. The internal stress causes the wire rope to rotate and drives the rope splitter to rotate. This can easily cause the wire rope to entangle with the cable, causing the cable to twist or break during lifting. In order to avoid twisting or breaking of the cable, a flat bearing mechanism is mounted on the rope splitter and the cable is fixed to the rope splitter. When the wire rope rotates, the rope gripper does not rotate. The lamp and cable can be lifted and lowered normally by eliminating the rotation caused by the stress in the wire rope.

When the lamp tray is completely dropped, three turns of wire rope are left on the reel to ensure that the fixture used to secure the wire rope to the reel does not bear all of the load when the lamp pan is lifted. At the same time, a clear permanent mark is placed on the wire rope 2 meters from the last reel, and a clear mark is placed on the reel, indicating that the lamp plate has risen to the design height.

There is a clear position on the lifting device housing, with the performance of the lifting mechanism and the lubrication gauge. In the performance and lubrication table, the safe working load of the drum, the type of grease, the lubrication cycle, and the maintenance time are clarified. At the same time, in the obvious position of the lifting device, there are safe operating procedures to facilitate user operation.

Cables and connections: Four-core tension cables complying with the standards of the People's Republic of China are suspended from a self-adjusting pulley. The cable termination is connected to a galvanized outdoor protection distribution box. There are six rated load terminal blocks in the distribution box for connecting 6 mm square wires. A core wire of the cable is used as a ground wire. Both ends of the cable are connected to the lamp panel by pressing methods and bolts. The cable is connected to the insulated container via a six-legged metal housing plug-in switch, each protecting the isolating ring and the locking device. All pulleys are made of nylon material. The diameter of the pulley meets the requirements of the cable manufacturer and is installed in the pole pulley box without rain.

The high-lamp manual lifting device of our company has unique design and reasonable structure. After countless user applications, the system can safely and freely lift the light panel during a power outage.

2. Electrical System

The electrical control system is set according to national standards. Electrical wiring is safe and reliable. The identification number of the secondary line is carried out as required. The grounding of the lightning rod is in line with national standards. The time control range is from 1 minute to 168 hours. Switching time totals 8 groups, which can be used manually and automatically. Turn on time error < 0.5="" seconds="" day.="">

3, other parameters: product protection grade IP65, explosion-proof grade Exiibt, wind resistance grade 13 typhoon.

4, installation technology

All accessories of the pole are assembled into light poles (light poles, light panels, electrical equipment and other three main components are equipped with lifting mechanism, shipped to On-site installation). The poles are spliced according to the section (inserted into the whole, artificially repairing the surface damage). Once assembled, the entire pole can be lifted and installed in place. After straightening, lock the entire pole with the base nut and tighten the entire pole. Turn on the light.

5. Production inspection implementation standard: CJ/T3076-1998 "Technical Conditions for High Rod Light Equipment". The bending strength, tensile strength and elongation of the steel body meet the design requirements of "China Steel Structure" GBJ135-90 and GBJ17-88. The welding quality meets the requirements of GBJ81-91. The high-rise structure design meets the requirements of GBJ135-90. The seismic design meets the requirements of GBJ11-89. The anti-corrosion process and quality are in accordance with ZBJ36011-89 "Steel Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspection Standard". The electrical installation works in accordance with GBJ232-82 acceptance specifications. The safety requirements of the lamps comply with the test standards of GB7000.1-2002 and GB7000.6-1996.

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