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Cell high pole light
Cell high pole light
Cell high pole light

Light pole manufacturers in the installation community Details and precautions to be taken when high pole lights are used

(1) Firstly connect the lifting system winch to the main oil wire in place, then feed the main oil wire into the second and third sections in turn. Inside the tube.

(2) Plug in, flatten the bottom section with brick or wood, insert the two sections and three sections into each other with a crane, and pull the main oil thread out of the top section by about 1 meter. The wire connection plate is connected with the three auxiliary oil wires, and then the main oil wire is smashed from top to bottom to a position where the oil connection plate is about 50 cm from the top, and then the rain cap is attached.

(3) Pole, connect the three sub-oil wires to the low-profile flange, use the power of the hoist itself to tighten the three sections as much as possible, and then prepare the hoisting length of about 20 meters. Belt, (bearing about 4 tons), fixed with the flange motor door, and then lifted by the whole crane.

(4) In order to avoid the damage of the luminaire during lifting, it is recommended to connect the split lamp to the main body of the pole before installing the luminaire.

(5) Commissioning, parking lot high pole light, after the lamp panel is installed, connect the three auxiliary oil wires to the lamp panel, then start the hoist to raise the lamp panel, and test whether the detachment hook is smooth or not. Good power supply, installation is complete.

I have seen many light pole manufacturers with high pole lights embedded in a pit of 5 cubic meters, which means that there will be more than 5 squares of concrete to build the embedded parts inside, let alone A high pole lamp of about 20 meters, even if the height of the 35 meters high pole lamp installed on such a foundation will be as stable as Mount Tai.

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