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25m high pole light
25m high pole light
25m high pole light

The pole parameters of the high pole light, the height of the pole is 25 meters, and the main pole is once by a large bending machine Forming, the upper diameter is 290mm, the lower diameter is 590mm, the main rod is divided into three sections, and the wall thickness is 8mm, 6mm, 6mm. The bottom flange is 1000mm in diameter. The specific pole parameters can also be customized according to customer requirements.

light pole material: the pole is Q235 Steel, where si ≤ 0.04%, yield strength > 245Mpa); material meets the implementation standard: GB699-88.

Welding process: the entire rod body does not have any cracking, leakage welding, continuous air hole, undercut, etc. The weld seam is smooth and flat, no bumps and undulations, no welding defects, the welding standard depends on: GB/T3323 1989III. The safety standard conforms to the national standard GB7000.1 7000.5 1996.

The light pole process: the inner and outer surfaces of hot dip galvanizing are treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The thickness of zinc layer is ≥75um in line with GB-/T13912-92 standard. The design service life should be no less than 30 years, the galvanized surface should be smooth and beautiful, the color is basically the same, and the skin can not be peeled off after the test.

Design ability:

a. According to the requirements of the corresponding wind speed, the lamp post meets lightning protection and grounding requirements, 2 ambient temperature: -15-50 degrees Celsius; ambient wind speed: 40m/ s; anti-seismic intensity: 8; corrosion resistance: 30 years.

b. The strength and surface structure of the formed square steel used in the rod body must conform to the corresponding national standards.

C. Seal the pole and pack the top with waterproof air.

Verticality test: After the pole is upright, use the theodolite to check the verticality between the pole and the horizontal. The verticality should be less than or equal to one thousandth. two.

The perception of the body: the shape and size meet the requirements, the overall appearance is elegant, the surface of the rod feels smooth and uniform, and the color is even. The galvanized layer is smooth and flat.

Fasteners: All fixing bolts, nuts, etc. are made of stainless steel (except anchor bolts and nuts)