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Chinese lantern
Chinese lantern
Chinese lantern

The Chinese lamp has a simple and elegant appearance. Generally, there are multiple light sources. It is more common for 6~12, with high illumination. The landscape effect is good and it is one of the traditional representative series. The lampshade is an acrylic cover PC or an imported PNNA organic material, and the base is generally made of aluminum or iron.

The light pole is generally made of Q235 steel,

the thickness is: 2.75~3.5mm;

the height is mostly: 6~10m; /p>

The fastener screws and nuts are stainless steel (exposed).

Manufacturing process:

After the lamp post is formed, the internal and external hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment, the galvanizing process is subjected to pickling, galvanizing, water washing, phosphating, passivation and the like. The surface is smooth, no color difference, and the coating has good uniformity and has strong anti-corrosion performance requirements.

Spraying after galvanizing treatment to ensure the technical performance requirements of color, hardness and adhesion of the plastic layer.

Performance use:

Light source: high wattage energy-saving lamp or high-pressure nano lamp, metal halide lamp, large illumination angle, wide range, strong fog and uniform illumination.

Scope of application: China Light is applicable to outdoor street lighting projects such as municipal engineering, garden lighting engineering and power bureau, development zone, villa zone and square.

Langxu Lighting is a professional Yangzhou street lamp manufacturer, the product involves traffic signal light poles, monitor poles, etc.