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8m Chinese Light
8m Chinese Light
8m Chinese Light

Chinese lantern culture connotation: The overall shape of the Chinese lantern reflects the Chinese classical traditional culture, meaning the ancient Chinese ancient Civilization, the 5,000-year-old Chinese civilization, is everywhere reflected in the shape of the Chinese lantern. The Chinese lanterns are golden yellow. As we all know, the golden yellow represents the status and rights, representing the grace and luxury, representing the supremacy. The shape of the entire Chinese lantern is like a sedan chair. The eight lights around it represent four bearers. The upper one is the car top. In China's feudal society, officials with low general grades use four bearers, and the landlord uses two people to carry them. It can be seen that the etiquette of the eight-lifted sedan of the Chinese lanterns is what level. The Chinese lanterns often stand at the gate of the government and at the factory gate. He represents solemnity, represents rights, represents sacred and inviolable, and more importantly, perhaps the Chinese lantern can drive away the ghosts and gods! ! Can bring good luck!

Chinese lantern production:<>

The Chinese lanterns are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The finished products are treated with anti-corrosion treatment. They can also be made of stainless steel, but stainless steel is expensive. The height of the Chinese lamp: 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters. The Chinese lamp adopts a pipe diameter of 140-219 tubes and is hot-dip galvanized. Zhonghua lamp light source adopts high wattage energy-saving lamp or high-pressure nano lamp and metal halide lamp. It has large illumination angle, wide range, strong fog permeability, uniform illumination and long life of 50,000 hours, which can meet the requirements of scattered lighting of Chinese lamps.   

Material Description:

The general material of China Light Bar is in accordance with the q235 standard, or it is processed with higher than q235 steel plate. The lamp head of China is made of aluminum lamp or steel plate. Then hot-dip galvanized spray treatment (the lamp sold in the general lighting market is not galvanized), the true hot-dip galvanized Chinese lamp has a service life of 10 years. The lampshade is an acrylic cover PC or an imported PNNA organic material, and the base is generally made of aluminum or iron. The fastener screws and nuts are stainless steel (exposed).

Manufacturing process:

After the lamp post is formed, the internal and external hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion treatment, the galvanizing process is subjected to pickling, galvanizing, water washing, phosphating, passivation and the like. The surface is smooth, no color difference, and the coating has good uniformity and has strong anti-corrosion performance requirements. Spraying after galvanizing treatment to ensure the technical performance requirements of color, hardness and adhesion of the plastic layer.  

Scope of application:

Zhonghua Lan is applicable to municipal engineering, garden lighting projects and outdoor street lighting projects such as institutions, squares, factories, villas, etc.


The specifications of China Light are different. The specific products need to be agreed in advance.

The Chinese lantern is a non-standard product. The wall thickness and height of the specific pole can be customized according to user requirements.

1. The sedan chair: the car top is 1100 mm from the side and the plate is 3 mm thick. The car top and the sedan are split and fixed by screws. The car top gold cup cover is Φ89mm straight, 200mm high, and there are eight small three-dimensional steps. The car body is a small upper and large octahedron with a distance of 1100mm on the opposite side, 800mm on the opposite side, 3mm on the side plate, and a total height of l300mm on the sedan. There are spotlight mounting brackets inside, and two 250W round spotlights are built in (the arrangement is determined by the user).

2. Car door: The door is inverted trapezoid. Install tempered glass on the door frame and fix it with the car body screw.

3. Lamp arm: Eight pieces, which are formed by bending a Φ38mm, 3mm wall diameter pipe, and the lamp ball bowl is made of iron. PMMA lamp ball diameter 400mm, pure white. The appearance has a smooth finish, and the light ball and the horizontal center of the sedan are flat. The car top is equipped with a gold cup cover of the same color as the lamp ball. 55W energy-saving lamps are installed in the lamp ball and the gold cup cover.

4, Zhongcheng: The l100mm part below the sedan chair is the middle bearing, the upper and lower small octahedron, the maximum relative distance is 480mm, that is, the shoulder to the margin. Below the shoulder is a frame structure with a distance of 340mm from the opposite side and a height of 1100mm.

5, main pole: Φ219mm, wall thickness 4mm, height 9 meters, the material is Shanghai Baosteel high quality Q235A sheet. There is a wiring hole in the base, and the flange and the rod body are welded with a reinforcing plate, and the flange is 18 mm thick.

6. Base: 1200mm high. The upper end is cylindrical and the lower part is a small upper and lower large six-sided cone. The distance between the top of the cone is 340mm, and the distance between the opposite side of the chassis is 740mm.

7, the total height of the Chinese lamp, that is, the gold cup cover to the ground twice 10.5M. The shape of the sedan, the center and the base are proportional slopes.

Technical parameters of light source electrical appliances

1, energy-saving lamps, power 9×55W, light source electrical appliances are returned and replaced within one year, and the light source electrical appliance brand is Op. High-pressure sodium lamp 2 × 250W, the average life of the light source is more than 20,000 hours, the color rendering index is 65Ra, the color temperature is up to 400K, the light source electrical appliance is returned and replaced within one year, and the light source electrical appliance brand Osram. 2. Light source electrical working voltage: 380/220V, 50Hz; voltage fluctuation: rated voltage 10%; frequency fluctuation: rated frequency 10%, all lamp accessories are built-in, all need to be equipped with corresponding capacitance compensation device, after compensation power factor COSΦ ≥ 0.9.

Welding process

The entire rod body should be free of any cracking, leakage welding, continuous pores, undercuts, etc. The weld is smooth and flat, without undulations and undulations, without any welding defects. Provide welding flaw detection report, welding standard basis: GB/T3323-1989III. The safety standard complies with the national standard GB7000.1-7000.5-1996.

The hot-dip galvanizing process

should be treated with hot and sour acid inside and outside surface, thickness ≥75um in line with GB-/T13912-92 standard. The design service life should be no less than 30 years, the galvanized surface should be smooth and beautiful, the color is basically the same, and the skin can not be peeled off after slamming test. Provide galvanized test reports.

Plastic spraying process

The plastic spray should be made of outdoor pure polyester powder. The quality of the plastic layer is stable, does not fade, and does not fall off. Strong adhesion, strong resistance to the sun's ultraviolet rays, anti-ultraviolet rays, and should be along the lake city and key salt areas. Design life ratio is less than 30 years, thickness ≥ 80um, in line with ASTM D3359-83 standard. Provide a spray test report. Spray protection requirements: film thickness is not less than 40um, strong adhesion, blade scratches (15 * 6mm square) can not skin, does not fall off. The surface is smooth and the color is basically the same.

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