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Street light pole
Street light pole
Street light pole

Light pole manufacturers parameter requirements: Height Upper Diameter Lower Diameter Arm Thickness Cone Taper Ratio Flange Size Pitch Distance Base Frame Size 6 m 60 126 2.75 11‰ 250*250*10 180 180*180*φ12 7 m 60 137 3.0 11‰ 300*300*12 210 210*210*φ16 8 m 60 148 3.0 11‰ 300*300*14 210 210*210*φ16 10 m 70 180 3.75 11‰ 340*340*16 180 250*250*φ18 12 m 70 202 3.75 11‰ 400 *400*18 300 300*300*φ18

The light pole manufacturer's requirements for the pole material:  

1, the light pole material is made of high quality low carbon steel Q235 type, the silicon content of the steel is not higher than 0.04%, and the straightness error is not more than 0.05% after one bending by a large bending machine. The wind resistance of the pole is designed to be 36.9 meters per second or more, and the seismic intensity is 8th.  

2, the total height of the rod is X meters, the upper diameter is Xmm, the lower diameter is Xmm, and the wall thickness is Xmm. The bottom of the pole has a flange, and the flange mounting hole is X, which is mounted on the foundation by anchor bolts. (X is the parameter set by the user, or is configured by the company as usual)  

3, the welding method of the lamp post is automatic submerged arc welding, the welding is reliable, the surface is smooth, no obvious pores, no welding Welding defects such as undercuts, ultrasonic flaw detection, and welding requirements of GBl1345 Class II.  

4, steel rod anti-corrosion treatment using internal and external hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing process through pickling, hot-dip galvanizing, water washing, phosphating, passivation and other processes, the galvanized layer surface is smooth and beautiful, Uniform gloss, no wrinkle, falling and zinc, peeling, spots, yin and yang surface defects, zinc layer thickness of 86um or more, in line with national standards GB/T13912-92, galvanized layer adhesion in accordance with GB2694-88 Requirements, anti-corrosion life is greater than 30 years.  

5, after the hot-dip galvanizing of the lamp post, electrostatic spray (color optional), sanding before spraying to increase adhesion, strict control of curing time and temperature during the spray process, to ensure plastic The layer is uniform, smooth and free of pores. The thickness of the sprayed layer is ≥1Ooum, the adhesion is up to GB9286-880, the surface is smooth, and the hardness is ≥2H.  

The above is the lamp pole manufacturer Langxu lighting on the common street lamp height, upper and lower caliber, arm thickness, and other related parameters, for your reference only. Because these parameters can be changed according to customer needs. Langxu Lighting is a diversified and integrated high-tech enterprise. The company has an excellent design team, advanced and efficient production lines, a dynamic sales team, and a comprehensive after-sales service system. The company is mainly engaged in the design, production, sales and service of smart street lamps, monitoring poles, traffic lights, solar led street lights, landscape lights, combination lights, and other solar street lights. It is also a professional light pole manufacturer.