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Traffic Signpost
Traffic Signpost
Traffic Signpost

Road traffic signs are used to convey information to road users in terms of color, shape, characters, graphics, etc. Facilities for managing transportation. Traffic signs should be set in conjunction with road and traffic conditions. Provide accurate and timely information and guidance through traffic signs, so that road users can reach the destination smoothly and quickly, and promote traffic smooth and safe driving.

Traffic signs are divided into two categories: main signs and auxiliary signs.

Main Sign

(1) Warning Sign: Warning vehicle, pedestrians pay attention to signs of dangerous locations in front of the road.

Road Traffic Signs

Road Traffic Signs

(2) Ban sign: A sign prohibiting or restricting certain traffic behaviors of vehicles and pedestrians.

(3) Indication sign: A sign indicating the travel of a vehicle or pedestrian.

(4) Directional signs: signs that convey the direction, location, and distance information of the road.

(5) Tourist Area Logo: A sign that provides directions and distances for tourist attractions.

(6) Road Construction Safety Sign: A sign indicating the passage of the road construction area.

(7) Speed limit sign: A sign that warns the vehicle to slow down.

Auxiliary sign

is attached to the main sign and serves as a sign to assist in the explanation.

Technical requirements:

1. The setting of traffic signs should be considered comprehensively, the layout should be reasonable, and the phenomenon of insufficient information or overload should be prevented. Information should be connected and important information should be displayed repeatedly.

2. Traffic signs should normally be placed on the right side of the road travel direction or above the roadway; they can also be set on the left side or on both sides depending on the specific situation.

3. In order to ensure visibility, if more than two signs need to be set at the same place, they can be installed on a supporting structure (support), but at most should not exceed four; Set space for bans, indications, and warning signs.

4. In principle, avoid different types of signs. The speed limit sign, the release prohibition overtaking sign, the intersection priority pass sign, the car ahead sign, the stop sign, and the deceleration line sign should be set separately; if the conditions are limited, the support structure (support) can be the most There should be no more than two signs. When the sign board is installed in a supporting structure (support)

, it should be arranged in the order of ban, indication and warning, first up and down, first left and right.

5, warning signs should not be set. When two or more warning signs need to be set in the same place, in principle, only one of the most needed ones is set. (Warning sign: warning the vehicle, pedestrians pay attention to the front of the road)

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