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9m single-arm light pole
9m single-arm light pole
9m single-arm light pole

Light pole manufacturers, lights English name: Lighting Pole, according to the material can be divided into Q235 steel light pole, glass steel light pole, cement light pole, aluminum light pole.

Q235 steel poles have high strength and disadvantages: 1. It is easy to corrode and rust, the whole pole needs hot-dip galvanizing, and the surface is spray-coated; 2. The weight is three times that of aluminum, and the transportation installation cost is high. ; 3. Recycling value is limited; 4. Can not use plug-in installation; 5. Surface treatment is monotonous.


The advantages of FRP poles: 1. Light weight and easy installation; 2. Plug-in installation.

The disadvantages of FRP poles: 1. Short service life; 2. No recovery value, very difficult to handle; 3. Ultraviolet damage to the shaft is very serious; 4. Maintenance costs are too high; 5. Easy Damaged by external devices.

The advantages of cement poles: 1. Can be installed in plug-in mode; 2. Good strength; 3. No need to spray.

The disadvantages of cement poles: 1. Very heavy, resulting in expensive transportation costs; 2. No recycling value; 3. Expensive installation equipment, difficult installation; 4. Danger than other materials.

Aluminum alloy pole:

Aluminum poles advantages:

1, good anti-corrosion performance; 2, maintenance-free; 3, light weight, convenient transportation Installation; 4, rich surface treatment; 5, longer life than iron pole and fiberglass pole;

6, 100% recovery, low melting temperature, energy saving; 7, can be inserted Type of installation; 8, smaller than the amplitude of the FRP pole.

Disadvantages of aluminum alloy poles: Compared with iron poles, the strength of aluminum alloy poles is relatively low, but the strength of aluminum alloy poles can reach the T6 standard by post-heat treatment.

Because of the unparalleled advantages of aluminum lamp poles and other other poles, in the developed countries such as Europe and the United States, aluminum alloy poles have been widely used, and the country is still in its infancy.

Production process:

(1)Unloading→(2)bending→(3)welding→(4)repairing and polishing→(5)shaping→(6) Head → (7) bottom plate → (8) welding bottom plate → (9) open door → (10) welding door strip, electric strip, lock bottom → (11) curved fork → (12) galvanized → (13) spray plastic → (14) General Inspection