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Landscape Light

Today, landscape lights have been widely used in landscape design and construction, and the landscape has been The role is self-evident, landscape lights in the garden not only to beautify the environment, set off the atmosphere, create an atmosphere, but also let people in the lighting of the landscape has a beautiful feeling, like roaming in the fairyland, Pace, this feeling can only be understood. Especially after the thin rain at dusk, accompanied by the faint white mist, this scene is beautiful under the flash of the golden glow of the evening glow.

       The combination of landscape lights and garden landscapes will have the effect described in the opening paragraph of this article. If used improperly, it will be counterproductive. The light is too strong, which not only causes waste of electric energy, but also affects the rest of the surrounding residents and causes light pollution. People in it will also have a feeling of dazzling brains, how to make the perfect combination of landscape lights and garden landscape, just right, Guangzhou Huangning Landscape Engineering Company based on years of design and construction experience, to summarize and present in this article for everyone Reference:

        The first is the choice of light source. With the development of science and technology, and the country vigorously promotes the development of energy-saving lamps, the current incandescent lamps on the market have basically withdrawn from the historical arena. The mainstream light source is: LED light, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp Such as fluorescent, the four lights can be called energy-saving lamps, because of its high luminous efficiency and long life, it can be widely applied.

      Briefly introduce these four kinds of light sources, LED lamps have the longest service life, theoretically up to 100,000 hours, the highest luminous efficiency, color temperature is close to daylight, but slightly cold, of course It can also be made into colorful neon lights; the high-pressure sodium lamp has a service life of about 10,000 hours, and the yellow light is a warm light source. Because of the high refractive index of yellow light, it is widely used in workshops and industrial and mining enterprises with large street lamps or dust; The life is about 8,000 hours, the color temperature is close to daylight; the fluorescent lamp has a service life of about 4,000 hours, and the color temperature is similar to daylight, so it is called fluorescent lamp. High-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and fluorescent lamps have been used for many years. The entry of LED lamps into the market is also a matter of recent years. With the development of technology, the power of single-chip LEDs has gradually increased, and it has been widely used in industrial, municipal, and civil lighting. As a landscape light, single-color LEDs cannot meet the illumination, and most of them use the clustering method to provide a light source by arranging multiple LEDs together.

       Secondly, the shape of the lamp itself, the landscape lamp not only provides illumination and light, but also a function that cannot be ignored, is the role of the landscape, the landscape lamp itself is also the landscape Part of it, or it is the landscape itself. The selection of landscape lights must be integrated with the garden landscape and combined into one, considering the specifications, shape, color and material of the lamps. In addition to the natural wind and rain, the landscape lights have to withstand the watering of the gardeners, so the protection level is better than IP65.

There is safety again. The landscape is mainly distributed in areas with large traffic flow. The safety of use has to be paid attention to. First, the insulation performance of the lamp itself is safe, and the second is the safety of the power line arrangement to prevent leakage.

The fourth is the landscape light arrangement

1. At the entrance to the garden, the staff is more concentrated. The light is required to be brighter here. High-power high-bar lights, that is, street lamps with shapes.

2. Deep in the garden, the winding path is from a quiet road, the light is relatively dark, giving a feeling of tranquility and mystery. It is an ideal place for people to walk and relax. The light of the mother-in-law, which is flickering, makes people feel calm and relaxed, accompanied by the slight moisture brought by the night dew, making people feel like a fairyland.

3. The landscape architecture uses contour neon lights and oblique lights to create an atmosphere. In addition to the appreciation of the garden architecture, the garden architecture often has cold drinks, snacks, and some rides. A high pole light should be provided to provide adequate illumination.

4. Pay attention to anti-glare. The high pole light should be higher than the human body, so that the light should go from top to bottom. The direction of the landscape light that is higher than the human body should be directed to the pedestrian to avoid glare.

5. Pay attention to light pollution. Do not install lasers or flashlights near the residential area. Other lights should not be shot in residential areas to avoid affecting the rest of the residents nearby.

6. Using the light control switch, the time switch should be the season change, often adjust the timing, not to use the manually controlled switch, one is a waste of labor, and the second is easy to forget the switch light.

7. Can use low voltage, do not use high voltage, but also fully consider the issue of personal safety, where people are in a crowded place or where children should try to use 24 volts safe voltage. The 24 volt lamp leakage protector must be installed and the leakage protector should be checked regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly.

In short, garden landscape lights are a scene in the garden landscape, and also an indispensable part of the contemporary garden landscape. How to apply the landscape lights in the landscape, it is necessary to explore together!