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Park Landscape Light
Park Landscape Light
Park Landscape Light

Yangzhou high pole lamp manufacturer production The shape and color of the park landscape lights enrich the monotonous night, creating a warm feeling for people and creating a good environment for people's leisure activities.

The advantages of the LED landscape lighting design of the park landscape lighting:

1. The light source structure of the LED landscape light is lightweight (epoxy resin package), which is compact and can adapt to various kinds. Geometric size and different space size, belonging to solid light source, not inflated, there is no gas sealing problem, no need for glass casing, impact resistance, vibration resistance, not easy to break, which determines the strength and rigidity of its luminaire compared with other electric light sources. Low requirements. Moreover, the LED is a cold light source, has good controllability, fast response time, can be repeatedly turned on and off repeatedly, and is not tired.

2. The park landscape light has a huge energy-saving effect. The power of a single LED is only 0.03-0.06W, and the driving voltage is low (1.5-3.5V), and the current is small (15-18mA). In the lighting environment, the power consumption is one-eighth of that of incandescent lamps and one-half of that of fluorescent lamps. It can be seen that the LED light source is used instead of the ordinary lamp and the fluorescent lamp for the landscape lighting with huge power consumption, and the energy saving effect is very obvious, and has strong market competitiveness. Moreover, the life of the LED light source is 100 times that of the incandescent lamp and 20-30 times that of the fluorescent lamp, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance, plus its rich color and good controllability, which is better for urban landscape lighting. . Now, LED is replacing the traditional light source with a growth rate of 50%, which will lead to the fourth revolution in the history of human lighting, greatly improving the living environment of mankind and alleviating the increasingly severe energy crisis in the world.  

3, LED landscape light source color is pure, rich, can evolve any color, better than the color metal halide lamp, its decoration is unparalleled.  The compactness of the LED light source makes it flexible enough to form a variety of points, lines, faces, balls and other shapes.

decoration according to landscape lighting The purpose of landscaping, LED light source through the microcomputer intelligent control technology, its changes can be made into points, lines, faces, balls and other forms, including: flicker (flicker) control, suitable for forming "points, lines"; Flexible) control, suitable for forming "face"; dynamic (jump) control, suitable for longitudinal and lateral dynamic changes of the pattern. The above three changes can also form the rotary motion of the sphere, in addition to single-lamp control and group light control.

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