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LED Landscape Light
LED Landscape Light
LED Landscape Light

Now major cities are undergoing urban lighting renovation, and landscape lighting has become the highlight of lighting engineering. The led landscape light not only responds to the call for energy conservation, but also realizes the beautiful night view of the city, which is why the led landscape lighting is so popular.

The led landscape light is a decorative lighting fixture with LED as the light source.

Decoration and lighting, energy saving than traditional light sources, long life. A

led landscape lamp has a simple design that reflects the design outline of the popular lamppost.

Using digital color tubes and intelligent digital controllers for color tracking, scanning, grading, and flickering.

led landscape lights The price can be quoted with our company for reference. The company has large automatic bending, trimming, automatic seaming machine, automatic arc welding, straightening machine and automatic spraying production line.

Using international advanced technology and production technology, high-quality steel products are used to produce various specifications of high pole lights, street lights, landscape lights, garden lights, lawn lights, square lights, sun lights, etc., with unique appearance. Fine workmanship and reliable quality. It is a large-scale street lamp enterprise with professional design, development, production and installation.