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Traffic signage
Traffic signage
Traffic signage

The road traffic sign is a graphical symbol showing traffic regulations and road information, which allows traffic regulations to be imaged and specific. Concise expression, but also expressed the content that is difficult to describe in words, to manage traffic, to indicate the direction of driving to ensure smooth roads and safe driving. Applicable to roads, urban roads and all special roads, it has the nature of laws and regulations, and vehicles and pedestrians must abide by them.

Road traffic signs are generally composed of logo floor, sign surface, column, fasteners, foundation and other parts.

Characteristics of sign material processing:

1. The material is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, engineering grade or high-strength reflective film, which has good reflective effect at night.

2, according to the national standard size, aluminum plate and reflective film cut (square, round).

3. Wash the aluminum plate and polish the aluminum plate with white scouring pad to make the surface of the aluminum plate rough, wash with water and dry.

4. Use a hydraulic press to attach the reflective film to the cleaned aluminum plate for use.

5, computer layout and text, and use the computer engraving machine to directly map and text on the reflective film.

6. The engraved pattern and the silk-printed pattern are formed by pressing on the aluminum plate of the base film.

The signage is installed at the entrance and exit, as well as in the proper position of the road and the road, guiding the vehicle to drive correctly. The traffic signs are banned, indicating signs and other signs.