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Led Solar Light
Led Solar Light
Led Solar Light

LED Street Lights Manufacturer Technical parameters: Basic configuration of solar street light

*Main material: All-steel structure of lamp pole, integral hot-dip galvanizing/spraying treatment

*Solar cell module: crystal Silicon 15-80WP (configured by load)

*System operating voltage: DC 12V 24V

*Controller: dedicated controller for solar lighting, light control + time control, intelligent control (Heavenly light self-opening, daylighting light self-extinguishing)

*Energy storage battery: fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12V17Ah 80Ah (according to load configuration)

*Light source type : Energy-saving high-power integrated LED, rare earth energy-saving lamps (can be configured according to customer requirements)

*Protection level: IP65

*Use temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, Wind ≥150Km/h

*Lighting time: 4~14 hours (can be adjusted as needed)

*Lamp height: 6m~10m (can be made according to customer requirements)

*Your rainy day guarantee: 4~5 rainy days can be worked continuously (different areas/seasons) (can be made according to customer requirements)

This product does not need to lay underground cables There is no need to pay for lighting electricity. The key components used in solar streetlights, solar panels, solar DC streetlight intelligent controllers, maintenance-free batteries, and lighting fixtures have all passed the National Development and Reform Commission/GEF/World Bank photovoltaic product certification. It is mainly suitable for lighting lighting of urban roads, residential squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts and other places.

Solar street light source quality

LED is cold The light source can achieve more than 90% power saving efficiency compared with incandescent lamps. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of an ordinary incandescent lamp, 1/3 of a fluorescent tube, and 1/2 of a low-voltage energy-saving lamp. The LED light source is the most suitable light source for the recognized solar energy system. The LED adopts the fine control mode, and the LED lamp works in this mode, which significantly reduces the heat of the LED lamp and effectively solves the problem of the dead bulb and the light decay of the LED lamp.  

Solar battery components

Using crystalline silicon solar modules, they have excellent low-light response performance and are subject to IEC61215 and electrical protection class II standards. The anti-reflective film and high transparency glass greatly increase the energy generated; the frame has 4-6 holes for easy installation on all system structures; standard MC connectors and 1m long cable are provided; 3 in the junction box A diode that greatly reduces system power loss from component shielding.  

Battery technology

Used lead-acid maintenance-free or gel battery, small size, light weight, low self-discharge, low maintenance, long life, easy to use, environmentally friendly It has excellent characteristics such as no corrosion and no pollution. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, it has obvious advantages in use, maintenance and management.  

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