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Traffic light pole
Traffic light pole
Traffic light pole

Traffic Lights, as the name suggests, It is the rod for installing traffic lights, which can be divided into: motor vehicle signal pole, non-motor vehicle signal pole, pedestrian crossing signal pole, direction indicator pole, lane signal pole, flash warning signal pole, road and railway plane crossing signal pole .

Communication signal pole structure:

1 Basic structure: road traffic signal pole, sign pole should be made up of pole, connecting flange, modeling arm, mounting flange and embedded Steel structure.

2 Straight steel pipe or seamless steel pipe is used for vertical pole or cross arm; the connecting end of vertical pole and transverse arm is the same steel tube as the cross arm, and the welding reinforcement plate is protected; the pole and foundation are adopted. The flange is connected with the pre-embedded bolts and the welded reinforcing plate is protected; the connection between the cross arm and the end of the pole is flanged and welded and strengthened;

3 Pole and its main All welded joints of the components shall meet the standard requirements, the surface shall be smooth and smooth, the welding shall be smooth, smooth and firm, without porosity, welding slag, virtual welding and leakage welding.

4 The pole and its main components are equipped with lightning protection. The non-charged metal of the luminaire is formed integrally with the grounding wire through the grounding bolt on the outer casing.

5 The pole and its main components shall be provided with a reliable grounding device with a grounding resistance of ≤10 ohms.

6 Wind resistance: 45kg/mh.

7 Appearance treatment: hot-dip galvanized spray after pickling and phosphating.

8 Traffic signal pole shape: equal diameter, cone shape, variable diameter, square tube, frame.