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LED Chinese knot
LED Chinese knot
LED Chinese knot

Chinese road lights are generally composed of lighting sources, Chinese knots and light poles, or solar street lights by: panels , controller, light source, light pole, energy storage battery, Chinese knot, etc., so the price can not be generalized, it is necessary to calculate the exact price according to the specific configuration, is responsible for the customer, can not be responsible for the random price. The regular price is around 1200-1500 yuan.


First, pre-sales service

The company has established a comprehensive IS09001 international quality management system. All activities are guaranteed, controlled and implemented under this system. Any relevant project involving our streetlights On the opposite side of the supply of materials and software, we will make the promise of pre-sales service with the following standards:

l, every 12 months, the company will evaluate the market (customer) demand for street lighting styles, Evaluation of product quality, price, service, and design capabilities.

2, the company will inform the customer of the new lamp type and the style of the lamp in time so that the customer can understand the new lighting trend.

3, the company will do a good job in any unit and individual call letter consultation, and within 2 hours to make a satisfactory customer response.

4, the company provides samples for street lamp unit reference, and actively selects the demand side, design renderings, proposes rationalized construction plans, and answers technical questions for customers.

5, the company will provide all the software materials of the company on request, and provide customers with all the convenience of the company's field visits.

Second, in-service service commitment

Our company from the date of signing the contract, to the end of the project, the product acceptance is qualified, the company's sales service process: <>

1. Provide detailed design drawings and construction plans.

2, to meet the customer's design change requirements for the required engineering products.

3. On-time delivery will complete the construction plan as scheduled.

4. Provide answers to all the difficult questions of the buyer and provide the required technical parameters.

5, the whole process is followed by the sales staff and technical staff of the company.

Three, after-sales service commitment

l, after-sales service organization and strength: The company has a sound after-sales service network, including a special installation and maintenance service center (subordinate to the sales department), Regular return visits and information feedback (sales department), installation instructions and technical consultation (technical department).

2. Warranty: The warranty period of the products provided by the company is: the warranty period of the battery board is fifteen years, the storage battery is two years/three years, the time of the light source electrical appliance is two years/three years, the light pole The time is 20 years, and it is promised to repair and maintain during the warranty period. The warranty scope refers to all faults and quality problems except for man-made damage and irresistible force factors.

3. Reporting: The company promised to respond to the repair time of 48 hours, and the maintenance work time was continuous and uninterrupted until the fault was eliminated.

4. Other services: The company promises to provide technical guidance and technical consultation to all users, and at the same time provide lifelong maintenance for the products provided by the company.