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Solar led light
Solar led light
Solar led light

Solar LED street lights use sunlight as energy source, which can be used during the day and can be used at night. It can be adjusted freely without complicated and expensive pipelines. The layout of the lamps, safety, energy saving and pollution-free, no need for manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance-free.

Yangzhou street lamp manufacturer analysis, the system consists of solar module parts (including bracket), LED lamp holder, control box (with controller , battery) and light poles are composed of several parts; basic composition

Solar LED street light is mainly composed of solar battery module parts (including bracket), LED lamp head, control box (with controller, battery) and light pole Partial composition; solar panel light efficiency of 127Wp / m2, high efficiency, very favorable for the system's wind-resistant design; LED lamp head light source uses a single high-power LED (30W-100W) as a light source, using a unique multi-chip integration Single-module light source design, using imported high-brightness chips.

The control box body is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable. The maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charge and discharge controller are placed in the control box. This system uses valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery. Because it has little maintenance, it is also called “maintenance-free battery”, which is conducive to the reduction of system maintenance cost. The charge and discharge controller is designed with both functions in mind (with light) Control, time control, overcharge protection, over discharge protection and reverse connection protection, etc.) and cost control, achieving high cost performance.