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Led Solar Street Light
Led Solar Street Light
Led Solar Street Light

The sun shines on the solar modules during the day, causing the solar modules to generate a certain amount of DC voltage and light energy. Converted to electrical energy, and then transmitted to the intelligent controller, through the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the electrical energy transmitted from the solar module is delivered to the storage battery for storage; at night, the solar component of the solar module receives no DC energy, and the output DC voltage drop When it is close to zero, the intelligent controller automatically turns on the control device to provide power to the led, so that the led light source emits sufficient brightness for illumination; when it is dawn, when the solar module receives the light energy to generate the voltage, the intelligent controller again Automatically switch to charging mode to work.

Solar led light advantages:

●Low Cost: high brightness, low power consumption, low solar cell and battery pack configuration, and reduced cost.

●Long life

●Reliable and stable

●Unattended: No management is required in operation, and the perfect intelligent control system gives users enough peace of mind.

●Environmental protection and energy saving

●Safety, no radiation

●Anti-seismic and anti-strike

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