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Influencing factors of traffic sign shininess and how to prevent it

A comprehensive analysis of the impact highway Traffic signs the reasons for the reflective effect, and proposed preventive measures. Highway traffic signs are an important part of the highway facilities! The speed road is in normal operation and safe and smooth! It plays an important role in improving the comprehensive service level of the expressway. “Because the expressways are all closed, full interchange, and one-way driving. The planned speed is generally above 100km/h! The reflective effect of the signboard does not meet the planning norms! In the case of nighttime or poor visibility, it is not timely and accurate to transmit information to the driver! Not only will waste of manpower, material resources and time resources be formed! It is very likely to cause traffic accidents together. Give serious damage to the national industry and the people's lives.

1, affecting traffic The element of the sign reflection.

(1) The quality of the reflective film does not meet the planning specifications. The reflective film is a special plastic film that can reflect light back to the light source. It is composed of a weather-resistant film layer, a fine glass bead layer, a reflective layer, an adhesive layer, a glass bead layer and a reflective layer. Resolution of the retroreflectivity of the bump! And the useful life of the reflective film is determined by the quality of the film layer and the adhesive layer. [National standard rule! The retroreflective coefficient of the reflective film is attenuated for 6 years, not less than 90%, 10 years. Less than 80%. Now only high-strength or crystal-grade foreign products can match this specification" Compared with foreign products! The shortcomings of domestic reflective film are mainly the reflection value and the color color decay too fast! In two or three years, it may exceed 80%.

(2) uneven layout or impurity contamination causes the reflected light to scatter " although the reflective film conforming to the national standard requires the logo surface to have Excellent wide-angle and retroreflective! But with the angle of incidence (the angle between the car's front light and the normal of the sign's appearance) increases! Even the observation angle $ car headlights and signs reflect back to the driver The angle between the rays of the eye is always maintained at 0.2 degrees, and the retroreflective coefficient of the reflective film on the marking surface is also getting smaller and smaller. When the incident angle exceeds 40 degrees! The inverse reflection coefficient is simply zero.

(3) Local bulges and depressions in the layout, bubbles in the surface can change the angle of incidence! Decrease the inverse reflection coefficient.

(4) After the reflective film enters the water! The water or moisture in the reflective film can change the light transmitted through the film layer! The retroreflective coefficient is reduced or the retroreflective film is substantially lost in reflective function.  

(5) Oil stains and scratches on the layout can also reduce the local retroreflective coefficient! Reflective effect.  

(6) device view discomfort! driver loses optimal reading position " to prevent car headlight beam Light reflection! The signage device should be at a 90 degree angle to the lane direction at the straight or left corner; at the right corner! The sign should be at a 95 degree angle to a line! This line refers to Traffic signs at the edge of the traffic lane and the cable line at the edge of the road 200m ahead. According to years of practice! If the device view is in control (%5 ("4! can correct the angle of incidence of the car front light line! Improve the effect of reading information on certain observation points of the driving route" If the device viewpoint is not suitable! Exceeding the scale of the promise! Unpredictable influence on the glare"

2, preventive measures affecting traffic sign shininess elements!

2.1 selection fit National standard required reflective film

Highway planning unit in traffic sign In the planning of the drawings! Generally, the manufacturers of reflective film are clearly designated! For example, the 3m company in the United States, the Enshili company in Japan, etc.! Because the reflective film produced by it meets the requirements of China's national standard" the construction unit of traffic signs should be strictly in accordance with the planning requirements. Buy reflective film! Don't leave quality hazard due to pure consideration of economic benefits

2.2 Correct storage of reflective film

< p="" style="overflow-wrap: break-word; white-space: normal;">Reflective film should be stored indoors! Storage should be clean, boring, and ventilated to prevent excessive moisture and direct sunlight & reflective film storage The temperature is 15-30 degrees! The optimum humidity is 30%-60%, the storage period can't exceed 1 year; the accumulation of reflective film! It is necessary to place it in the direction of the arrow on the carton! Layered in the same direction! Do not exceed 5 Layer; before use! It is necessary to place the reflective film in the environment of 20-26 degrees for 24 hours.

2.3 Aluminum sheet processing required

1 large enough processing channel to complete the hole punching of the slotted aluminum, the eye of the aluminum plate, and the riveting of the plate; the grinding of the aluminum plate, especially the processing of the rivet surface, firstly grind the coarse sand of 100-200, and then use 400 -500 fine sand fine grinding; grinding direction should be arc-shaped, no direction grinding is prohibited * There are obvious deflection angles or protrusions should be corrected with a trowel, aluminum plate cleaning, first with detergent, then with water Rinse well and dry the film after drying for 48 hours at a temperature not lower than 20 degrees.

2.4Put a good reflective film

It is necessary to carefully clean the film machine and aluminum plate before filming. If there is no film machine or a hand-made film, it is necessary to cover the soft cotton cloth on the scraper, and continue to press pressure from one side to complete the film; when the film is peeled off, do not peel off too fast, and the reflective film of the release paper and the aluminum plate are removed. Keep the proper distance.

2.5 Site storage focusing on traffic signs

site storage first is to pay attention to the vertical storage of traffic signs along the slot aluminum to prevent deformation of the layout; second, to do rain protection operations, timely treatment of rainwater entering the packaging layer; third is good Loss prevention work.

2.6 Do a good job of traffic signage, commissioning, and ensure that the layout is flat.

3, concluding remarks

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