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Traffic gantry
Traffic gantry
Traffic gantry

Door-type traffic signpost - traffic gantry

Door-style traffic sign The pole is mounted on the gantry and the height of the lower edge of the sign from the ground should be greater than the clearance height specified by the road.

The gantry traffic signpost is suitable for the following situations:

1. Multi-lane roads (to three lanes or more) need to indicate the direction of each lane;

2. Large traffic volume, large vehicles in the outer lane block the small vehicle sight of the inner lane;

3. Traffic leaves at the higher running speeds where interlacing, diversion and river sections occur, such as: Cross-building a closer distance to the densely-marked area, telling the road to intersect with the highway to intersect the intersection of the main line area;

4. Due to space constraints, column and cantilever installation is difficult; p>

5. The exit ramp is on the left side of the traffic response;

6. There are requirements on the landscape.

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