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Antique Street Light
Antique Street Light
Antique Street Light

Smart Street Light is associated with antique street lights Design a new concept.

The first, the driver chip

The core of the IC driver power supply is the IC, and the quality of the IC directly affects the entire power supply. The IC on the LED power supply refuses to be polished, so that the lighting manufacturer knows the cost of the IC solution and the accounting driver, and purchases the power at a reasonable price.

Second, transformer

The control chip can be regarded as the brain center of the power supply, and the power, temperature resistance, etc. are transformers. The transformer is responsible for completing the "AC-Magnetic-DC" and the energy overload will saturate the bomber. The core of the transformer is the core and the wire package.

Equivalent factors; therefore, this recommendation is best to be determined according to the needs. It is recommended to go to Huangchuan Limin Technology for a pair of antique street lights that must be suitable.