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Solar lighting street light
Solar lighting street light
Solar lighting street light

Lithium battery solar street light system can Guarantee rainy weather for more than 15 days of normal work! Its system consists of LED light source (including drive), solar panels, battery (including battery incubator), solar street light controller, street light pole (including foundation) and auxiliary wire.

Solar cell modules generally use monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules; LED lamp heads generally use high-power LED light sources; controllers are generally placed in the light poles, with light control, time control, overcharge and over discharge Protection and reverse connection protection, more advanced controllers with four seasons adjustment lighting time function, half power function, intelligent charging and discharging function, etc.; batteries are generally placed underground or there will be a special battery incubator, valve-operated Lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, iron-aluminum batteries or lithium batteries. The solar luminaire works fully automatically and does not require trench wiring, but the pole needs to be mounted on the embedded part (concrete base).

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