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Solar Signal Light
Solar Signal Light
Solar Signal Light

Solar traffic lights are signal indicating products that convert solar energy into electrical energy. It consists of solar cells, controllers, traffic signals, maintenance-free batteries, signal lights and other major components.

Compared with ordinary signal lights, solar traffic lights are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Because they have a power storage function, there is no need to lay signal cables during installation, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of power outages during construction. Get more and more widely used applications.


Solar traffic lights are a kind A signal that converts solar energy into electrical energy is indicative of the product. It consists of solar cells, controllers, traffic signals, maintenance-free batteries, signal lights and other major components. The main features are as follows:

The light source uses a high-brightness LED, and the emitted light is monochromatic light, so there is no need to use color chips to generate red, yellow, and green signal colors (the emitted light is directional, And there is a certain divergence angle, which can abandon the aspherical mirror used in traditional signal lights. This feature of LED solves the illusion of traditional signal lights (commonly known as false display) and color fading problems, improving light efficiency.

System power supply-DC24V, can also be switched with the mains, using intelligent charge and discharge controller, with anti-reverse connection, anti-back charge, anti-over-discharge, anti-overcharge, overload, short circuit automatic protection, automatic It recognizes the functions of daytime and nighttime, automatic voltage detection, etc. The battery is characterized by automatic protection, easy installation and no pollution.

The traffic signal adopts "ARM microprocessor" technology, the signal adopts wireless transmission form, and has real-time detection of traffic flow. It can be used together with the command center control machine, or it can be used independently. Phase output function, high degree of automation, application of LED seven-segment code display mode, setting parameters, can modify time, date, day of the week, month and month, and automatic correction can also define 40 kinds of timing schemes, etc. The green collision is yellow and the receiving wireless transmission signal is abnormally yellow. Wireless signals are transmitted in an intermittent manner. Its transmission frequency and intensity comply with the relevant regulations of the National Radio Management Committee, and will not cause interference to the cables and radios around the environment, and ensure that the transmission signals have strong anti-strong magnetic fields (high-voltage transmission lines, automobile EDM) interference. ability.