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Traffic Signpost
Traffic Signpost
Traffic Signpost

The standard for traffic signage is based on: GB/T 23827-2009 Road traffic signage and support At the same time, it should be combined with the following criteria: 05MR601 Urban Road Traffic Signs and Routes GB 5768.1-2009 Road Traffic Signs and Markings.

Part 1: General GB 5768.2-2009 Road traffic signs and markings

Part 2: Road traffic signs GB 5768.3-2009 Road traffic signs and markings

Part 3: Road traffic marking GB/T 5845.1-2008 Urban public transportation signs

Part 1: General signs and classification marks GB/T 5845.2-2008 Urban public transportation signs


Part 2: General graphical symbols and safety signs GB/T 5845.3-2008 Urban public transport signs

Part 3: Public steam station signs and signs GB/T 5845.4-2008 Urban public Traffic signs

Part 4: Operational tools, stations (terminals) and line graphic symbols GB 5845.5-1986 Urban public transportation signs Underground railway signs JT/T 429-2000 Technical conditions for road temporary traffic signs JTG D82- 2009 Highway Traffic Signs and Markings Setting Specification MR2 City Road-design depth map and traffic signs and markings (2010 edition)