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What are the technical requirements for LED streetlights for light pole manufacturers?

1. The light pole manufacturer works according to the electrical performance of the lamp, and the LED street lamp works at the nominal rated supply voltage and rated frequency. The difference between the actual consumed power and the rated power should not exceed 10%, and the power factor should not be less than 0.92.

2. Protection level, LED street lamp protection level A grade should not be lower than IP67; B grade product should not be lower than IP66; C grade product should not be IP65.

3. Average life expectancy, LED street lamp rated life should not be less than 30,000h.

4. The maximum temperature set by the lamp post manufacturer, the maximum rated temperature Tc of the LED street lamp should not exceed 58 °C.

5. The maximum heat sink temperature, the maximum heat sink temperature of each LED tube in the lamp should not exceed 65 °C.

6. Main light parameters

7. Immunity, surge suppression performance (anti-lightning) voltage protection level should be no less than 2kV (line-line) and 4kV ( Line-ground).

8. According to the light distribution characteristics, when the LED lamp bead is turned off or the whole lamp is dimmed, the spot shape and the uniformity of the road surface illumination should not change significantly.


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