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The current Yangzhou streetlight manufacturers are increasingly seeking simple and fluent line structure

Yangzhou streetlight manufacturers use the energy needed to convert light energy into streetlights, and solar energy is inexhaustible. Inexhaustible renewable energy. The energy of the street lamp manufacturer is completely derived from the natural light, which is a green and harmless energy product. The use of solar street lamp manufacturers does not bring other harm to the air and the human body, and is truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

and this has become The development and promotion of a good natural community will add new features, and will continue to reduce the cost of property management. Yangzhou streetlight manufacturers will help the village to brighten and reduce the cost of the public share of the households. When using the street lamp manufacturer, it is necessary to check the plug-in of the street lamp manufacturer to prove whether there is any problem and then use it for a long time. The light distribution performance of the street lamp manufacturer's light distribution performance has a direct impact on the visual comfort of the motor vehicle driver. If the light distribution performance of the street lamp manufacturer is not good, it is not only the dross of energy, but also the purpose of outdoor lighting. A large glare may cause glare, which causes traffic accidents, especially outdoor lighting in urban main roads. Because the speed of passing through the car is very fast, the disadvantages of the outdoor lighting level of the street lamp manufacturer have a great impact on the visual effect of the driver at night.

The correct optical system enables it to meet the symmetry requirements in a wide variety of environments, fully improving and improving the night vision of motorists, reducing the traffic accident rate at night, and saving The purpose of energy, reducing maintenance costs, etc., has multiple economic benefits and social benefits.

Modern Yangzhou street lamp manufacturers are increasingly seeking simple and fluent line structure, paying more attention to the implementation of functions and low energy consumption. Yangzhou street lamp manufacturers have eliminated the complicated and cumbersome details in the arrangement, with a simple The lines show the quality of light, and the bright and compact design can illuminate a wide area. What is even more rare is that it is also a fascinating street lighting decoration, which has a sense of time and design.

According to the different road conditions, the requirements for the lighting of Yangzhou streetlight manufacturers are different. In color and quality, special attention should be paid to harmony. The illuminance needs to meet the outdoor lighting requirements of the local section. The requirements can be unified and harmonious, and there should be no contradictory feelings. It should be actively used in the overall matching. The same street lamp manufacturer should be suitable for different sections of lighting, only the lighting needs can be met, and the overall mood does not conflict. It can be actively placed and used without being tied to the moment.